International year of physics 2005 celebration at Rajkot (Gujarat)

A few IAPT life members got together in Nov. 2004 and decided to celebrate IYP-2005 with the help of local Regional community science center. The idea was to give flavour of progress in Physics in last 100 years not only to students but also to general public. The year long programme was inaugurated on 12th January 2005 by Prof. P.C.Vaidya - The octogenarian pioneer in the field of relativity in India. The function was presided over by Prof. A. V. Narlikar (formerly at NPL Delhi). Prof. M. K. Mehta (Ex Director, Nuclear Physics Department, BARC) also addressed the gathering.

On 1st February Dr. J. J. Raval-President Indian Planetary Society, Mumbai and Trustee of community science center, Rajkot gave a popular lecture on \"Evolution in Astronomy\". The film show on \"Life and work of Einstein\" prepared by IPS was also screened. Another interesting programme in Feb. was a popular lecture by Prof. R. M. Sharma, Head dept. of Philosophy, Saurashtra University, Rajkot on \"Special and General theory of relativity and its Philosophical implications.

Prof. Anjan Joshipura Sr. Prof. PRL, Ahmedabad delivered a popular lecture on \"Neutrino and other fundamental particles\" on 5th March 2005. Einstein\'s birth day was celebrated on 14th March by arranging elocution competition for M.Sc. students, subjects being Einstein\'s famous theories.

In April Dr. B. D. Chakradev (life member, IAPT-Mumbai) performed Science Stage Show for three hours and it was immensely enjoyed by the students.

Prof. H. P. Joshi of Physics Department, Saurashtra University gave an interesting lecture on \"Developments in Communication System - from Marconi to Mobile Phones\" - on 7th May.

In the month of July, three programmes were held- two Essay Competitions for Secondary and Higher Secondary students of Rajkot on 3rd and 31st July respectively. On 29th July Prof. Mihir Joshi of Physics Department, Saurashtra University delivered a popular lecture on \"Photo Electric Effect and its Applications.\"

A National Science Seminar (for Rajkot district) was organized on 7th August. The subject of the seminar was \"Century of physics-Achievements and Challenges\". 15 different schools from Rajkot district participated in this seminar. On the birth day of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, i.e., on 12th August Dr. Parantap Pathak, Retired Sr. Scientist of SAC (ISRO), Ahmedabad, and a Ph.D. student of late Dr. Vikram Sarabahi, delivered a lecture on \"Contribution of Dr. Sarabhai in Space Science and Technology\". In this lecture, Dr. Pathak also narrated a few memorable personal incidents which he experienced while working with this great humanitarian and seer.

Two One-day Workshops for Secondary and Higher Secondary School Students - one, on 13th Sept. for English Medium students and the other on 14th Sept. for Gujarati Medium students were organized. The theme in these workshops was \"Aesthetics of Physics\" - discoveries in Physics from Archimedes to Newton. Both the workshops were conducted by Shri Rajiv Vartak of Mumbai. A lecture on \"Magnetic fluid and Electromagnetic Effect\" by Prof. R. V. Upadhyay of Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar was arranged on 20th Sept.

A popular lecture on \"Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics\" was delivered on 14th October, by Prof. U. C. Joshi of P.R.L., Ahmedabad. An extempore elocution competition for secondary & higher secondary students was held on 9th October. For this competition, seven different topics were declared before hand and the participants were supposed to speak on any one topic, which he/she picked up from the \"hat\".

Under auspices of IAPT RC 4(B), a \"district level one day seminar\" for U.G. & P.G. students was held, on 31 December 2005 in which competitions were elocution, quiz and poster presentation. the seminar was sponsored by GUJCOST.

Though I.Y.P came to an end officially on 31-12-2005, it was decided to organize two more functions in connection with I.Y.P. celebrations. On 8th January 2006 a \"One day seminar\" was organized for teachers and research fellows, in which there were Popular Lecture, demonstration of experiments, poster presentation and oral presentations were arranged. Prof. Anil Gupta of IIM, Ahmedabad delivered keynote address on \"Innovative approach in research\". Dr. Dilip Ahalpara of IPR - Gandinagar gave a talk about \"Nuclear Energy an Indian Perspective\". He emphasized the need to produce more electricity by Nuclear Reactors because fossil fuels are fast depleting. Prof. H. H. Joshi of Physics department, Saurashtra University gave a talk about \"Mosbeaur Effect and how it can be used to study Nanomaterials\". The Demonstration Experiments were arranged by Dr. P. D. Lele, Dr. Sanjay Trivedi, Dr.Arun Patel, Shri S. J. Acharya and Miss Anjana Dave - all life members of IAPT.

In the third session 11 research papers were presented by research fellows and college teachers. Two best presentations were awarded book prizes.

In the valedictory session Dr. P. K. Manoharan of Ooty Radio Telescope, Ooty informed about celebration of IHY-2006. Dr. K. N. Joshipura, Secretary, IAPT RC 4B reiterated need for more interaction between teachers to fulfill the aim of IAPT. The programme was jointly organized by Dept. of Physics, Saurashtra University, IAPT RC-4B & Regional Community Science Centre, Rajkot.

The closing function was organized on 18th February 2006. In this programme overview of all the programmes arranged to celebrate IYP-2005 was given through multimedia presentation. Prof. Y. R. Waghmare - former President of IAPT gave an interesting talk about \"Schrodinger\'s Cat\". Prof. R. V. Mehta - President of IAPT RC-4B presided over the function. He congratulated Regional Community Science Centre and Rajkot Team for arranging year long programmes to celebrate IYP-2005, through which students as well as society must have benefited. Such programmes he said will go a long way for students to gain knowledge other than their syllabi.

The IYP-2005 programmes have come to end, but has created interest in students and a \"Physics Study Circle\" will shortly be started at Regional Community Science Centre, Rajkot for UG and PG Students. The programmes for school children are already taken care of through Sunday Science School and other on going programmes of Regional Community science center, Rajkot.


K. N. Iyer.                            
(Chairman IYP-2005 celebration committee)