Activities RCSC
Activities SEF
In 1960, Gujarat state minimized giving importance to English language as a result students of Gujarat were handicapped and not able to speak or write English even for various requirements of the society apart from its expertise. Students also developed complex as they were not able to make their mark outside Gujarat. Under the leadership of Dr. Dushyant Pandya, SEF strived to improve the situation for quite some time in the year 1981 and established “Institute of Language Teaching” at Jamnagar. Due to lack of proper support from the University and Govt., this Institute had to be handed over to other institution.

The activities done by SEF during 1977 to 1997 besides various activities done by “Prayog” and “Shri O.V. Sheth Community Science Centre RCSC” Rajkot, are :
  • Film Shows – 19
  • Lectures -29
  • New leadership Model. Lecture cum film at 5 places.
  • English Improvement Classes at Rajkot – Bhavnagar – Jamanagar.
  • Book fair at 5 places.
  • Tribute to young poets who died in early age programme by Late Shri Ajit Sheth at 6 places.
  • Two Cultural programme for fund rising by Shri Shahabuddin Rathod and Shri Pankaj Udhas.
  • Publication of book “Sahuna Upayogunu” distribution of “Mangal Mate Jungle”.
  • Exhibition – of agriculture implements at 34 villages – vocational guidance.
  • Display and live demonstration in physics at 5 places.
  • Andhshradha Nivaran – Lecture/demonstration at 9 places.
  • Mobile Science Van “you and your Environment” at 5places and “Man must measure” at 17places –“perception” at 14places.
  • Bhagini Vikas Programme of Literacy classes at 21 centres.
  • “Gamtu Grandhalaya” for creating reading interest at 46 places.
  • Support to organic farming, publication of books on agriculture – support to innovation and children activities.
  • Fellowship to student for Maths and Geography.
  • Providing TV/DVD to 3 Lokshalas.
  • Support to “Dakshina” project of Ravi Krupa Trust.
  • Provided Solar cooker at 5 places.
  • Running “Sadbhav Vocational Training Centre” at Rajkot providing Mobile Repair, Auto Repair and Turner course.