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In the year 1979, a group was ready to work at Rajkot on development of scientific temper and a beginning was made in the name of “Prayog” to remove belief in miracle and Superstition etc. known as “Andhashradha” In this one has to come in confontration with sadhus, Tantriks etc. etc. To avoid this, it was thought desirable to spread knowledge of science to explain various tacties adopted by propagonist of Andhashradha. Apart from this, it was observed that Science and Technology was entering everyday life and would spread in 21st Century and for this, interest in science subjects for students of this generation was necessary as the same was decreasing and schools were finding dearth of students in science streams. Science was taught in the classroom on black board and on the basis of the syllabus and students found the same difficult and dull. This was not true as Science is interesting and is in daily life.

Thus a concept of Science learning and teaching through “Hands on activities” and experiments was adopted. “Prayog” was inaugrated at the hands of Dr. H.N. Sethna, the then chairman of Atomic Energy Commission of India On Gandhi Jayanti of 1982 to run on a part time basis in a small place in Balbhavan at Rajkot. These activities were expanded when land was made available at a prestigious place at Rajkot known as Race Course by Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS) without attaching any strings. SEF is indebted to BSS. On this plot, a project of small science centre was planned from the donation of Late Shri Jamnadas O. Sheth in the memory of his father Late Shri Odhavji Velji sheth. Subsequently officers of Rajkot Municipal corporation expressed their desire to associate, arranged for the Capital Expenditure and agreed to contribute 75% recurring expenditure and MOU was entered into in July 1991. This present “Shri O.V. Sheth Community Science Centre (RCSC)” started its activities from May 1997 under the leadership of Shri Gijubhai Bharad who developed the RCSC up to 30th June 2003. Thereafter the same is being run with the help of Rajkot Managing Committee and Shri Ramesh Bhayani Retired Prof. of Chemistry as Director Academic and Shri C.S. Dhamsania, retired Principal of Dhamsaniya college at Rajkot as Administrator and Shri Ashok Kumar Tanna as Chief Executive Officer.

Shri O.V. Sheth Regional Community Science Centre, Rajkot, is a Regional level science centre working in the field of science popularization. The RCSC offers a fascinating opportunity to experience the science ideas that have totally changed our lives.

RCSC is based in an attractive building in the heart of Rajkot, the Race Course area. The infrastructure facilities at the RCSC include Aryabhatt Science Museum with over 100 working science models, Five well equipped laboratories dedicated to Electronics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, Late Shri Narottam Shah library having about 5000 + books and about 50+periodicals, A well equipped 200 seat Auditorium with all multimedia facilities, A 500 seat Open Air Auditorium, An exhibition gallery, A sky watching tower and an administrative office. The Centre has a fully furnished mechanical workshop that is chiefly used to produce the mathematics models, museum models etc. The RCSC produces about 200 odd mathematics teaching and learning aid that are sold by the centre on no profit – no loss criteria. The centre also has a large theory hall that can be used for lectures for a small group.


  • Shri K.N. Aiyar
  • Shri J. Archarya Kumar
  • Shri Ramesh J. Bhayani
  • Shri C.K. Dhamsaniya
  • Shir Mihir Joshi
  • Shri Gopal F. Mehta
  • Shri A.P. Mehta
  • Smt. Shakuntala Nene
  • Shri Vinod A. Pandya
  • Shri Anamik K. Shah
  • Smt Neela M. Trivedi
  • Shri A.K. Virani
  • Shri Vaishnav Mayur
  • Shri Vaishnav R.M.
  • Smt Nimisha Vaidya
  • Smt Anjana Dave
  • Shri D.G. Kuberkar